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Ten kinds of food that stain your teeth

Which foods and drinks should you avoid to maximize the effect of whitening? 

The first step to white teeth is good oral hygiene habits. Half of the whole struggle is actually what you eat and drink. Our teeth whitening kits will help you whiten your teeth by up to 8 shades, but you have to be careful about what you eat during whitening. To help you achieve maximum results with Toothy®️, we have made a list of 10 common teeth-staining foods. 

# 1 - Coffee

Káva způsobuje skvrny na zubech. Použijte Toothy!

It’s no surprise coffee is at the top of our list (to our dismay). Coffee beans contain a natural compound known as tannin, a secret ingredient that gives them a dry and bitter taste. Unfortunately, tannins are also to blame for the stains and discoloration that come with a morning cup of coffee. 

Your teeth are porous, which means they naturally absorb any food or liquid you consume. To avoid stains, try drinking coffee through a straw or coffee-to-go cap to reduce contact with your teeth. If you prefer black coffee, consider adding a drop of milk to lighten the colour, thereby adding an extra dose of calcium to your teeth. 

# 2 - Tea

Čaj způsobuje skvrny na zubech. Použijte Toothy!

If tea came to your mind after you learnt about coffee staining your teeth, we have more bad news for you. Like coffee, tea contains tannins too. The darker the tea, the more likely it will stain your teeth. Even herbal and white teas are not the best as they can still stain teeth.  

Of course, if you cannot give up hot tea, it is better to drink lighter mixtures to minimize the impact of stains. Some dentists also suggest that the higher the quality of the tea, the less the teeth become stained.  

# 3 - Wine

Víno způsobuje skvrny na zubech. Použijte Toothy!

Our list of tannin saboteurs also includes wine. Wine can be responsible for any grey discoloration of your teeth. The bad news is that grey shades are much more difficult to correct than yellow ones. The good news is that wine contains many natural antioxidants that detoxify the mouth and help fight caries.

People usually follow the rule that if food or drink can stain clothes, then it can also stain their teeth. Therefore, you may not know that white wine can be as bad for your teeth as red wine. White wine is much more acidic, so although it does not directly cause discoloration, it may be responsible for immersing existing stains deeper in the tooth. When it comes to wine, there aren't many solutions, so the best tip for minimizing stains is to limit your intake of wine.

# 4 – Soft drinks 

Sycené nápojé způsobují skvrny na zubech. Použijte Toothy!

You can also add your favourite soft drinks, which contain acids and colorants, to the list of bad foods. Coca-Cola is at the top of worse drinks, but even lighter drinks can cause stains to your teeth. All carbonated drinks have acidic properties that create small holes in tooth enamel. 

In addition, the chemicals used to add flavour can also eat away your enamel, thereby help the stains caused by other foods. As with wine, reducing your intake of carbonated drinks will be your best choice. Everything in moderation!

# 5 - Tomatoes

Rajčata způsobují skvrny na zubech. Použijte Toothy!

Yes, you have it right - your favourite pasta with tomato sauce can cause stains on your teeth. Tomatoes are mainly to be blamed due to their acidity, bright red colour and tendency to stick to the teeth. Unfortunately, anything that is tomato-based can stain your teeth. Nevertheless, thanks to the high content of antioxidants and vitamins, tomatoes are a food that your body needs.

To prevent stains, switch to lighter cream sauces and brush and rinse your teeth shortly after eating. If you feel like eating a large bowl of spaghetti bolognese, have a salad before the pasta. Green vegetables, such as lettuce and broccoli, help create a protective film on the teeth and prevent any stains from settling

# 6 - Curry


Kati způsobuje skvrny na zubech. Použijte Toothy!

No wonder - if tomato sauce causes stains, then curry sauce is just as bad for your teeth. The deep pigmentation of this spice gives Indian dishes a dark colour and causes yellow spots to appear on the teeth over time.

For this reason, you should limit the amount of curry in your diet. Otherwise, adding a healthy amount of green vegetables can help prevent dark spots and discoloration.

# 7 – Soy sauce

Sojová omáčka způsobuje skvrny na zubech. Použijte Toothy!

You can add Japanese and Chinese dishes to the list of cuisines that usually stain teeth. Any dark sauce or liquid causes stains on teeth, but soy sauce is especially strong due to its high concentration. 

In addition, soy sauce is high in sodium. Limiting its intake can be beneficial not only for preventing stains, but also for reducing your blood pressure.

# 8 – Balsamic vinegar

Balsamic vinegar is a popular ingredient in salads and also adds flavour to a wide range of other dishes. Unfortunately, it joins the list as another dark-coloured liquid that has an adverse effect on tooth colour. In addition, balsamic vinegar has acidic properties, so it is likely that it will stick between your teeth and damage the enamel.

Consider reducing the dose of balsamic vinegar or switch to lighter vinegar to protect your teeth. If you can't do without it, don't forget to brush and rinse your teeth shortly after eating to prevent it from settling and then contaminating your teeth.

# 9 - Sweets

Sladkosti způsobují skvrny na zubech. Použijte Toothy!

If you have ever had ice cream on a hot summer day, you certainly know that your lips and tongue are brightly coloured. But you probably don't know that your teeth are discoloured as well. As a rule, any sweets that cause the tongue to change colour can also stain your teeth. If you are addicted to sweets, be sure to avoid those with dark colours.

There is also something about the usual threats of parents about too many sweets and rotting teeth. Sugar can settle on the teeth and attract bacteria into the mouth. When bacteria and sugar combine, they release acids that begin to attack teeth and cause small stains. The good news, however, is that if you don't eat a lot of sweets all the time, they won't do much harm in small doses.

# 10 - Fruit

Ovoce způsobuje skvrny na zubech. Použijte Toothy!

Blueberries, blackberries, cherries, pomegranates and other fruits are also listed among the foods that stain your teeth. As with tomatoes, antioxidants contained in these fruits have positive effects on health but leave dark stains after eating. When it comes to fruit, if you feel that it can leave stains on your clothes, the same then goes for your teeth.

Due to the high content of antioxidants and the health benefits associated with these fruits, leaving them out of your diet is not the best choice. Instead, make sure to rinse your mouth after each portion to wash the colour out of your teeth. If all else fails, try a glass of milk or a piece of cheese to help strengthen your teeth and neutralize acids.

The key to getting whiter teeth can be a change in your diet and adopting some healthy habits. You don't need to give up your morning coffee or avoid all your pasta sauces. Always make sure that you regularly brush your teeth and rinse your mouth. Always have a few Toothy whitening gels with you so that you have your radiant smile under control and the whole whitening process delivers the maximum effect.

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