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About Toothy®️

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Toothy®️ is a European brand established to bring a fresh young brand to the European market of teeth whitening and care. Our philosophy is to ensure that a beautiful white smile can enjoy not only actors, singers, or successful athletes but also everyone; and that it makes them happy. 

We want to make our customers happy thought the entire shopping experience, starting from ordering the product through the immediate delivery of goods in luxury packaging until after-sales assistance. 

The composition of the Toothy®️ whitening gel has been developed with the utmost regard for its gentleness to the teeth. There is no hydrogen peroxide, which is demonstrably destroying tooth enamel and cannot be used regularly. On the other hand, we utilised natural substances such as Aloe Vera or Chamomile. As the main active ingredients, we use PAP and Potassium Nitrate, which achieve the maximum whitening effect without the risk of adverse effects on tooth sensitivity. We are constantly developing the whitening gel, mainly thanks to our customers' feedback and knowledge. Our product has gained a respectable 98.5% success rate over time. We believe that together we will achieve up to 100%. 

Customers who have expected more from the product or for any other reason are not satisfied with the results will certainly not feel the same with Toothy. In case of dissatisfaction, we will return the entire amount to your bank account under guarantee. Anyone can join the guarantee programme after purchasing the product. 

In short, we absolutely trust our product, and you do not risk anything.

We have already conjured many happy smiles, and we will be delighted to help you with yours as well.

Kind regards,

Toothy®️ Team

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