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Money-Back Guarantee


We guarantee that your teeth shall become whiter by at least 2 shades. If we cannot meet this goal, we will refund your money. 

To participate in the guarantee programme, please, follow the procedure stated below:

1. Take a picture of your teeth with the Toothy®️ dental colour guide attached before initiating the treatment. Take another picture of all (3 or 6) unopened whitening gels and send the photos to garance@toothy.cz

2. Perform the LED bleaching for at least 6 consecutive days, following our recommendations stated on the package’s back and those included in the instruction materials. Keep the empty whitening gel tubes; you would need them to claim the warranty.

3. Take a picture of your teeth after the last application, together with the Toothy® dental colour guide.

4.  To complain about the results, send us the final photo, as well as a picture of empty gel tubes to garance@toothy.cz


5. After approving your complaint, just send us the LED device and the used whitening gels.

6. After receiving the package, we shall refund the money to your account.

The complaint does not apply to the monthly All White kit. If you want to file a claim for this kit, do it after two 6-day treatments.


 You can find more information in our general terms and conditions.

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