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Five myths about teeth whitening

Five myths about teeth whitening

Our customer support team, research team and we have sat down to discuss our customers‘ most common misconceptions about teeth whitening.  

With the thousands of satisfied customers, we can safely say that we have already gained some knowledge of teeth whitening. We have spent lots of time developing our products and working on our samples to find the safest, easiest and fastest way how to whiten teeth from the comfort of your home. 



Myth No.1

Whitening damages teeth 

One of the biggest misconceptions about whitening is that it is harmful to the enamel of your teeth. No wonder this opinion circulates among people, as most bleaching techniques use hydrogen peroxide as the active bleaching ingredient. If hydrogen peroxide is used too often or in a highly concentrated dose, it can seriously damage your enamel.

Toothy uses a controlled dosage of sodium perborate as its active ingredient in its bleaching kits. Sodium perborate maintains maximum whitening results and ensures  there is no erosion of teeth or damage to tooth enamel.

Summary: The myth is refuted! Toothy teeth whitening products are not harmful to your teeth. However, be careful when applying hydrogen peroxide in any other tooth products. 



Myth No.2

Teeth are extremely sensitive after whitening 

If you have ever had your teeth whitened by a dentist, you probably know that your teeth can then be sensitive and painful. A few days after the treatment, a simple glass of cold water can cause great pain. As above, the main thing to be blamed is the use of hydrogen peroxide in high concentrations. 

When we were developing our whitening kit, one of the priorities was to create a product that would bring maximum results without experiencing pain or sensitivity. That’s why our recipe uses a combination of sodium ingredients with various plant extracts. This is how we created a gel that is natural, does not cause sensitivity, and is even vegan-friendly.

Verdict: The myth is refuted! Toothy whitening ingredients ensure that you will never experience any sensitivity or pain. 





Myth No.3

I cannot eat most meals after whitening 

If you have read our article Ten kinds of food that stain your teeth, you know that half of the struggle to keep your teeth white is about what you eat and drink. Your teeth are porous, which means they naturally absorb foods and liquids that you consume. Coffee, tea, wine, pasta with curry sauce or even some kinds of fruit can colour your teeth if you consume them regularly. 

In spite of the bad effect on your teeth, e.g., berries have a number of other health benefits for which you want to keep them in your diet. Our tip is to reduce the intake of such foods and, if you are worried about discolouration of your teeth, make sure that you brush your teeth after consuming them, or at least rinse them with water.

Verdict: True! To achieve the best results, it can be useful to reduce consumption of some foods during whitening.



Myth No.4

Everyone can whiten their teeth 

Everyone has different genetic dispositions, oral hygiene routines or diets, so the colour of teeth can vary greatly from person to person. Each Toothy kit contains a practical swatch that will help you identify your shade and monitor the course of whitening.  

Our products, however, whiten only natural teeth, so no one with ceramic or other artificial teeth will see any change. The gel does not whiten crowns or fillings either. If you are not sure whether you should undergo whitening, always consult your dentist first. 

Verdict: The myth is refuted! Our teeth whitening products work perfectly on teeth of all shades, shapes and sizes, but only if they are natural.

Před šoupátko 



Myth No.5

Whitening is permanent

Just as your teeth discolour over time, your whitening results may be lost over time. With proper care and appropriate changes to your diet and routine cycles, teeth whitening results can be very long, but not permanent.

For best whitening results, we always recommend using a teeth whitening kit. Our basic set contains the entire whitening cycle for 6 days, but if you want to get even better results, you can try a kit for 12 days, or just buy a separate kit of gels after the end of one cure. Once you are satisfied with your shade, repeat the application once in a while, so you have your white teeth under control.

Verdict: The myth is refuted! With proper care, your whitening results can last a long time, but not forever. Proper care is the key!


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