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Toothy®️ Pro

Toothy® Pro offers a 12-day teeth whitening treatment. The innovative composition of the whitening gel guarantees results without pain or tooth sensitivity.

  • Just 10 minutes per day
  • No painful visits to the dentist
  • Maximum Safe - Can be used regularly
  • Meets European Union standards
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Why Toothy® Pro?

Compared to the Toothy®️ Starter kit, this set contains gels for another 6 days; thus, you can afford a full 12 days of teeth whitening. We recommend Toothy®️ Pro kit for people suffering from more distinct tooth discolouration and connoisseurs of coffee and red wine.

Recommended treatment:

You should perform the bleaching for 12 consecutive days, ideally after evening oral hygiene before bedtime, always for 10 minutes.

How does Toothy®️ LED Bleaching Work?

Our gel has been developed to achieve results without adverse effects on the sensitivity of your teeth. After activation by UV light, the combined active substances cause oxidation, eliminating stains on your teeth and destroying bacteria responsible for your teeth' yellowing.

Just a few minutes per day, and your teeth can be a few shades whiter.

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 "Our whitening technology is powered by a peroxide-free formula that shall whiten and brighten your teeth without any sensitivity."

What is our goal?

Toothy has been created to combine efficiency and economy. We know we have only one fixed tooth for life! Let's keep them white and natural as long as we can! Teeth whitening can be expensive, painful and does not work for everyone. We can change it in 3 main steps:

1. Bleach your already perfect smile naturally while limiting the risk of tooth sensitivity.

2. Toothy can be easily used from the comfort of your home.

3. Achieve the best results in the shortest possible time while concentrating on other activities.

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